Are Sports Drink Good For You

Are Sports Drink Good For You?

Gatorade, Powerade, and Vitamin Water – you see these popular sports drinks almost every day at your local convenience store and through television advertisements. Nearly all sports drinks claim to be the best at rehydration and excellent at replacement of electrolytes and carbohydrates lost during workout.

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Just how effective are these sports drinks, really? Are they truly beneficial to you as they claim?

Long before sports drinks were introduced, there were reports of athletes collapsing during intense sports activities due to extreme dehydration. Countless sports drinks claim to be better than water.

Whenever you are working out, you lose electrolytes and carbohydrates through sweating. Most sports drinks, just like Gatorade, contain carbohydrates and electrolytes. Carbohydrates usually come in form of sugar and electrolytes are made up of potassium and sodium. Due to the ingredients of sports drinks, it’s easy to understand why they would seemingly be beneficial to many during exercise.

However, many nutritionists have actually debunked the misconception that sports drinks are generally better than water for every person who’s been working out.

For intense workouts that would last for more than 60 minutes, drinking sports drinks could actually benefit you. Sports drinks can quickly replenish the lost bodily salts and fluids; it could prevent dehydration as well. On the other hand, if your workout isn’t really rigorous or if the physical exercise would not last for at least an hour, sports drinks may actually do more harm than good.

Sports drinks might contain a lot of sugar – which, if your body would not be able to use during your workout, would just end up as unwanted fats. Furthermore, high sugar content could be harmful to your heart. Aside from excessive sugar, there are sports drinks containing artificial flavourings to give it a more delicious twist. Some chemical additives are usually found in most sports drinks, too.

At the end of the day, water might just be the safest choice for you – all natural, no preservatives, and no artificial flavours.

Pros and Cons of Protein Bars

Pros and Cons of Protein Bars

Going to the office, running personal errands, going out to socialise with friends – it seems that since we are living in a world where everyone appears to have a busy life, it’s hard to incorporate other important activities we need to stay fit.

There at times that even choosing a healthy meal could be a challenge for some people with hectic schedules. Sometimes, because of lack of time, it’s almost inevitable for some to settle for burgers, fries, and other food from fast food chains.

Fortunately, protein bars were introduced to help people with busy schedules have a nutrition-filled meal replacement on the go.

Protein bars, also known as nutrition bars, have a bunch of advantages to offer. Most protein bars generally contain protein, fats, carbohydrates, and a number of vitamins that are readily available to anyone too busy to get a decent meal.

Aside from being a nutritious alternative to complete meals, protein bars can be excellent in giving you energy quickly after working out.

Protein bars don’t require refrigeration, and you can take them with you virtually anywhere you need to go.

However, while it is tempting to simply grab protein bars as a replacement for each meal because of its convenience, there are still cons to having these nutrition bars.

Some protein bars contain a lot of sugar to achieve their sweet and delicious taste. On the other hand, there are protein bars that use sugar alcohol instead of artificial sweeteners to give protein bars a tasty flavour without the high sugar content; but, there are people who have reportedly suffered from different stomach problems such as diarrhoea because of sugar alcohol.

Another disadvantage of eating protein bars is the fact that these bars can’t really be considered as fresh. Protein bars may contain preservatives, too.

There are protein bars with energy boosting properties that might be potentially harmful to people with heart problems.

Excessive intake of protein bars can also lead to too much vitamins that might result in liver problems, upset stomach, and other adverse effects.

All in all, it may be acceptable to have protein bars once in a while, but nothing could beat complete, healthy, and balanced meals to satisfy your hunger as well as your dietary needs.

Protein World

Protein World Review

Protein World is company based in the UK specialising in creating slimming goods. Protein World offers an assortment of products that promise to help in weight loss and supplements that vow to aid in facilitating muscle build up; they even have beauty products that give assurance of a more youthful, radiant skin, hair, and nails.

If you are among the fitness enthusiasts who are planning to try one of Protein World products, you might want to get to know more about what these goods can actually do to you before going ahead and purchasing them.

To help you out, here’s a rundown of some of the most popular Protein World products and some useful information about them:

Hunger Buster Capsules

Hunger Buster Capsules belong to the weight loss products from Protein World. Each capsule contains Konjac Glucomannan and Garcinia Cambogia. Konjac Glucomannan suppresses hunger while Garcinia Cambogia prevents your body from creating fats. Together, these two key ingredients could indeed work well towards a slimmer physique. The recommended dosage is a total of six capsules a day: two capsules must be taken an hour before every meal, three times for each day.

Pros of Hunger Buster Capsules:

• There is scientific evidence to prove that one of Hunger Buster Capsule’s main ingredients, Konjac Glucomannan, isn’t just made to suppress your hunger, it also has properties that could potentially lower your blood sugar levels.
• As per EFSA or European Food Standards Agency, Konjac Glucomannan could actually be effective if the recommended dosage is strictly followed.
Cons of Hunger Buster Capsules:
• One of the cons of Hunger Buster Capsules is its price. Each bottle of Hunger Buster Capsules contains 90 capsules, so if you would follow the recommended six capsules a day, you would need to buy a new bottle just after 15 days.
• You are at risk of choking in ingesting Hunger Buster Capsules, too. It would be difficult for some who have difficulties in swallowing, and the product itself would require a lot of water to work effectively.

Slender Blend

Probably one of the most popular products of Protein World is the Slender Blend. Just like the Hunger Buster Capsules, Slender Blend vows to help you lose weight. However, while Hunger Buster Capsules work by suppressing hunger, Slender Blend acts as a meal replacement. Each serving of Slender Blend has 150 calories. So, rather than you risking eating heavy meals and letting your calorie intake go unchecked, going for Slender Blend could be the better way to go since you can keep count of your calorie intake. Slender Blend is taken in the form of a shake, and should be mixed with water or milk. This protein filled shake is said to be equivalent to two meals. There is often a Protein World discount code that let you get the Slender Blend at a discount.

Pros of Slender Blend:

• One of the benefits of Slender Blend is that it is easy to prepare. Simply add water or milk, shake, and voila! You have your meal replacement.
• Another benefit of Slender Blend is that it is full of protein and packed with various vitamins which would be capable of strengthening your immune system.
• Since Slender Blend is full of protein, it would be advantageous for your muscle growth, too.

Cons of Slender Blend:

• Two of the main ingredients of Slender Blend are green tea extract and Guarana extract. These ingredients contain caffeine which makes Slender Blend unsuitable for people who have sensitivity to caffeine products.
• Slender Blend also contains milk based ingredients such as whey protein concentrate and skimmed milk powder; because of this, the product may not be suitable for people with lactose intolerance.
• Slender Blend also comes with several adverse side effects for various users such as extreme stomach pains, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, as well as fatigue.

Fat Metaboliser Capsules

Protein World also offers Fat Metaboliser Capsules which promises to increase fat metabolism – hence the name. Fat Metaboliser Capsules contain Caffeine Anhydrous, Guarana extract, and green tea extract. For the first week of intake, the recommended dosage for Fat Metaboliser Capsules is two capsules a day – one after breakfast, and another one after lunch. However, for the following week of taking the product, the recommended dosage is increased to a total of four capsules a day, two after breakfast and another two after lunch.

Pros of Fat Metaboliser Capsules:

• Due to the caffeine content of Fat Metaboliser Capsules, it’s unsurprising that it could generally boost your energy.
• Green tea Extract, one of the ingredients of Fat Metaboliser Capsules, has fat burning properties and makes your body’s fat burning capabilities faster. Additionally, green tea extract contains antioxidants which are good for your body.

Cons of Fat Metaboliser Capsules:

• While the high caffeine content of Fat Metaboliser Capsules can increase your energy levels, it’s a risk to ingest this amount of caffeine and might be dangerous for people who have caffeine hypersensitivity.
• Fat Metaboliser Capsules also has reported adverse effects such as vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach problems, as well as increased sweating.

Awesome Ways to Save Money on Supplements

With the increasing cost of hospitalization, it is no wonder why people are becoming more health conscious. Because of this, a lot more people are taking supplements and vitamins to ensure that they are always healthy and well.

If you want to save more money on supplements, then this article is for you. Today, we will be listing some of the most useful tips when it comes to getting what you need without overspending.

  • Consider using generic brands if you want. There are numerous companies that offer good quality generic brands; you just need to look for them online. Just make sure to read the ingredients list first before buying.
  • Buy in bulk. You will be able to save more money if you buy more in one go. However, you should only do this if you are sure that your supplement really works for you.
  • Do your research and check out websites that offer supplement discount codes. There are a lot of good supplement brands that offer big discounts to their loyal customers such as MyProtein (You can find a link to Myprotein in the sidebar). Myprotein offer discounts to those that buy in bulk and you can also use a Myprotein discount code to get as much as 30% plus a free gift such as a shaker bottle.
  • Consult your doctor to know what you really need. With so many different types of supplements in the market today, it can be confusing what to get. The best thing to do is to get the opinion of an expert. Ask your doctor what supplements will benefit you the most. The simple rule is that you should only buy what you need.
  • Maintain the mentality that food should always come first. Supplements are just needed to give you the additional boost to ensure that you get all the essential nutrients that your body needs.

Nowadays, there are so many supplements produced by different companies. In order to save more, you will need to do your homework by researching about your choices. Work hand in hand with your doctor for you to be able to not just save a lot of money, but also buy the best supplement for you.

Possible Dangers of Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are one of the most in demand types of supplements in the market today. Some consumers mistakenly regard dietary supplements as an instant means of burning calories and shedding unwanted, excessive body fats.

Although some dietary supplements can provide positive results, there are still some risks in consumption of slimming pills.

The dietary supplements being sold over the counter and the ones prescribed by your physician are generally safe because they have passed the standards and licenses required before they were made available for public purchase. If you really want to try dietary supplements, opt to purchase from the local stores rather than online – especially avoid purchasing from locations outside the United Kingdom or Europe. You don’t have the assurance that the supplements you’ve purchased outside the country are as safe as the ones approved to be sold locally.

While there are many dietary supplements that can be quite effective in aiding you in losing weight, another risk factor is that some users of these supplements tend to abuse them in the hopes of getting slimmer twice as fast. Dietary pills can be extremely dangerous if consumed in doses more than the doctor prescribed.

Aside from being aware of the possible dangers of dietary pills, you should also be prepared for the harmful side effects you might encounter once you’ve tried using some of them. Some of the dangerous side effects include increased blood pressure and heart rate, sleeplessness, anxiety, diarrhoea, rectal bleeding, as well as kidney problems. Some of the dietary pills containing ingredients that cause adverse effects on humans were already banned in the country.

Dietary supplements were created for a good intention; that is to help people manage their diets better to accomplish losing weight. These supplements are also a big help for people suffering from eating disorders.

Whatever happens, and no matter how much you desire getting rid of extra body fats, one should not forget that diet pills are not magic pills; discipline in eating right paired with engaging in physical exercises will always be the best methods to lose weight. There’s nothing wrong with using dietary supplements, so long as you recognise using from abusing.

Which Supplements Should You Take?

There are a wide variety of supplements available on the market today and unless you are an expert you don’t have time to do the necessary research on all of them to find out if they are worthwhile. The first thing you should understand that supplements are not really necessary if you have a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle in place. Supplements will not replace these things and by taking them will not allow you to eat unhealthily. Supplements are intended to help fill in some minor gaps you might have.

Supplements To Avoid

The supplement industry is huge and is unfortunately not very well regulated which means that most of the products out there don’t even work, the only effect they will have is the one on your wallet. In general stay away from weight loss pills, they don’t really work. When it comes to weight loss there is no magic pill that will allow you to lose weight, it’s going to take hard work and most important time, it won’t happen overnight.

The second big class of supplements that don’t work are products that claim to detox your body. Detox products are currently very popular right now all claiming to flush your body of toxins however they never say exactly what these toxins are. The truth is that your kidneys and liver will do that all for you and if those aren’t working properly you should be in a hospital.

There are many other supplements that have a great deal of research behind them which are often conflicting or at best show only a mild benefit, whilst I wouldn’t say they are a scam they are not particularly useful such as CLA or BCAAs.

When it comes to protein powder most people actually classify it as a food source rather than a supplement. Most people do not need to take protein powder and will consume enough protein through their normal diet, this is the case even with athletes. If you feel you do need to consume more protein then stick to the reputable protein powder brands such as Myprotein which has consistently been rated very highly by 3rd party testers such as Labdoor.

Supplements We Recommend

Unfortunately there aren’t many good supplements from which to choose from. We do however recommend fish oil and vitamin d3, if you are into sports and fitness then you can also consider taking creatine.

Fish oil is one of the most widely studied supplements and is accepted as being beneficial especially since most people have very little fish in their diets. Of course like most dietary supplements if you are already eating lots of oily fish then you are unlikely to benefit by supplementing with it.

Large amounts of people are actually deficient in vitamin D. The body can make its own vitamin D when you come into direct sunlight unfortunately as most people are inside of their office most of the day they actually spend very little time outdoors. This problem is compounded if you live in a country or during a season that gets very few sunlight hours.However if you do spend most of your time outdoors and live in a country that gets a lot of sunlight then you will not need to supplement with it.